Wednesday 4 June 2008

Vida Imaginaria or "ZAP"

I'm still trying to get used to watercolors. I'm starting to see the importance of the paper on the final result. These are just some practise sketches before starting my Comic Strip. I never really posted before my comics on-line so I'm also getting used to scan them and the entire process. Most of the comics that I used to draw before coming to Australia only were shared with my friends and everyone wanting to have a look. They were awfully personal! Not only for me but also for everyone involved in them! So I better be careful :D

And as I mentioned in my previous post about my Comic Strips, I've done 1,200 pages (more or less) of them. So I'm pretty happy trying something new. New style, new vision of my old good "Zaps" (that's how I used to call my comics in Spain!).

Sigo trabajando en mejorar mis cómics antes de ponerme en serio con la tira... no me convence nada, y aunque solo son bocetos para probar el scanner me escama empezar así la tira. Este lo he dibujado hoy en el tren, y aún dudo si hacer una historia corta, siendo esta la primera página o dejarlo cómo pequeña introducción...