Monday 24 September 2012

Neutral Bay, Sydney

Neutral Bay, Sydney by david.jack
Neutral Bay, Sydney, a photo by david.jack on Flickr.
View of North Sydney from Neutral Bay, a beautiful 1920's neighbourhood in Sydney.

Vista de North Sydney desde Neutral Bay, un precioso barrio de los años 20. 

Sunday 2 September 2012

Kurraba Point, Sydney

Kurraba Point, Sydney by david.jack
Kurraba Point, Sydney, a photo by david.jack on Flickr.
The lower North Shore is my favourite area in Sydney. It's old, XIX century old. Instead of American suburbs you can find old English Garden City neighbourhoods with Arts and Craft (Art Noveau / Modernisme) architecture style and Art Deco (Noucentisme). The second day of spring, was a winner!

A bit later on, the light was even better :)

Luna Park, Sydney

Luna Park, Sydney by david.jack
Luna Park, Sydney, a photo by david.jack on Flickr.
Nice meeting of the Urban Sketchers in Luna Park. It was freezing, but sketching in company is always nice. It was raining and I probably sit into something that I shouldn't. Anyway, I loved it!

Siempre es divertido dibujar con compañía, hoy en Luna Park con el grupo de Sydney de Urban Sketchers hemos podido dibujar un buen rato.