Tuesday 1 September 2009

Save the Carlitos

Animo Cuco con tu campaña :D 

Y el que quiera salvar el Clarito que pida en lo pida en su bar habitual o lo prepare como sigue:

How to make Clarito:

 -                       Paint the rim of a martini glass with lemon and chill it with crushed ice.

-                       In a glass shaker (or a pint glass or large, glass jug if you don't have a shaker), place plenty of whole ice cubes.

-                       Let the shaker chill and then discard excess water from the ice.

-                       Add one (1) part French vermouth (Dry Martini brand, for example).

-                       Add nine (9) parts London Dry gin (can substitute with other brands of gin).

-                       Add a strip of lemon peel, squeezing the juices into the shaker as well.

-                       Stir with a metal or silver spoon for approximately 1-minute, or until drink is chilled.

-                       Discard the crushed ice in the Martini glass.

-                       Serve immediately with a spiral of lemon rind as garnish.

 Lastly, drink it and enjoy it. In this way, we will save the Clarito.