Saturday 27 November 2010

Sydney Sketching: Churches

India Ink and watercolor. Great monday afternoon. A lot of people walking by (I'm a bit shy so is not easy) but after a while I can ignore the looks and the comments. Kiribilli's Anglican Church. 

Iglesia Anglicana en Kiribilli, Sydney

Old School, now a Hotel (Club) in North Sydney. Beautiful light. 

The Security Guard ask me if I was "some kind of artist". I didn't knew what "kind" to answer. He guess then that some people "are electricians, some teachers" and I do sketches. Bizarre encounter. 

India Ink and Watercolor over 150gsm paper. 

Antiguo colegio (hoy en día un Pub) en North Sydney

I was sketching that church when two men came to me to ask me "hold old it was (the church)". I not only didn't knew what to answer but I also felt wordless as I didn't expect any interruption. Minutes later a lady enter on the garden of the church and stole few roses. Lavender Bay Catholic Church. 

India Ink and Watercolor over 150 gsm paper. 

Iglesia católica en Lavender Bay, Sydney

Esta semana he disfrutado haciendo sketches en diferentes barrios del North Shore... los apuntes al natural se estan convirtiendo en un hábito.